Foodie Adventure: Wafu

Tonight was one of those wonderful nights when my friend Sarah Ruth was in town and we got together for dinner.  Not just any dinner, but a foodie adventure.  I plan on sharing my foodie adventures with you here from my dazzleful life.  To me a foodie adventure is any time where there is a sense of discovery and delight while eating.  It could be a scoop of gelato in Italy, a six course dinner in France, a small plate extravaganza in Portland, or a corn dog from a cart on Broadway.  As long as there is food and there is fun while eating it, it is a foodie adventure.

So for my first foodie adventure entry I’ll share with you the epic meal that was our visit to Wafu.  Lucky for us we were eating on a Tuesday night and we were seated at the chef’s counter in the back of the restaurant.  Let me tell you, if you’ve never done this it is the most exciting place to sit at a serious foodie restaurant.  You get to see everything that comes out of the kitchen and all of the prep that goes into it, not to mention it’s the warmest seat in the house. Below is our view of the kitchen along with the miso & sake marinated steak with chicken-fried mushrooms and roasted garlic au jus. Oh yeah, that was just a starter for us.

We also tried some of their “buns”, which are their twisted version of bao. We chose the “duckstrami” with 1,000 island kraut slaw, whole grain mustard, and caraway. You can see below I forgot to take a pic before my first bite, because it looked and was THAT GOOD! Imagine a reuben bao. I know it’s hard, but try. Then imagine it was amazing. That is the duckstrami bun at Wafu. There were three kinds of buns on the menu, and my only regret is that we didn’t try them all.


The rest of our meal consisted of: Japanese smooshed potatoes with sriracha ketchup, kewpie, sichuan salt, bonito, and nori ; wafu ramen with pork belly (chasyu), confit chicken, menma, kamaboko, scallion, poached egg, and black garlic oil; and aburasoba [dry ramen] chili, with pork shoulder, fried egg, kimchi, and spicy carrot. (I linked the things I had to google! Sidenote: Eating things which contain unknown items is a sure sign of a foodie adventure.)

All of this was washed down with a Nigori sake… which one, I can’t remember, but our server explained it as “the sweetest one.” Wafu is known for their many cocktails and whiskeys, though in a moment of control mon amie and I were well behaved and passed on the overwhelming selection of spirits. There’s always next time!

The amount of iphone pics taken at dinner was shameful.

Want to visit Wafu?


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