Get to Gather: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving. Here I sit in a food induced stupor on my parents couch watching Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I regret nothing.  Earlier my mom informed me that turkeys only go to the table whole in Norman Rockwell paintings; I decided he is my idol.  Though now I understand why my Bon Appétit magazine had a beautifully carved into pieces bird on their cover.  There’s always next time.


I’m lucky enough to be the magic maker in my parents’ kitchen on this day of giving thanks. A few years back, with no big Thanksgiving plans on the horizon I volunteered to do the cooking at my little apartment. When I think of it now it seems insane that I would have attempted this, because I couldn’t even make a descent pasta salad on my own. But my obsession with the food network paid off with a brined turkey breast and all the fixings and a little tradition was born; I now cook Thanksgiving for my parents each year. Today I’ll share the feast I planned and prepared for my parents and our lovely Texan guest Amanda Rae.


My parents are the greatest. This post is generously supported by them through their purchase of my wish list of ingredients. Above are all the fixings for my Thanksgiving feast.

On the menu this year: Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey, maple and brown sugar cranberry sauce, brown butter mashed potatoes, , green bean casserole, and four herb dressing.   The blog recipes I used are amazing and linked, the green beans and dressing were both semi-homemade and are stored in my brain.  My mother contributed with a lemon pudding fruit salad and a waldorf salad. The Pillsbury dough boy made crescent rolls. Amanda brought a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie from The Original and a can of olives.

Yeah, there were only four of us at dinner. We ate like champions. It was amazing.


I paused the amazingly awesome vampire killing Abe Lincoln to make myself a sandwich and let me tell you, the maple and brown sugar cranberry sauce is the greatest after thanksgiving sandwich spread around. It may just be a new classic.

Oh I almost forgot, we had champagne too. Wouldn’t want y’all to think I had a dry thanksgiving.

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoyed your chance to get to gather!

P.S.  Abraham Lincoln was a badass.


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