Get to Gather: Ladies Luncheon

This weekend I had the pleasure of making lunch for two of my oldest friends, Kara Lee and Kristin Diane. I am lucky to say that I’ve known each of these ladies for over a decade. There are things I’ve done with these girls that I cannot share on a public forum, but I am able to give you the details on the meal we shared.


The agenda for the afternoon was strictly catching up so I offered to make us lunch chez moi. The menu for the meal was Carrot and Squash Soup and Turkey Popovers. I was running late (surprise, surprise) so I was still in the kitchen when they arrived. They pulled up some chairs and we gabbed as I impressed them with my kitchen skills, which included my first use of the the vita-mix I recently inherited from my parents. I can verify that the vita-mix does an awesome job of pureeing soup and that if you don’t have the cover on right it can splatter onto your ceiling.

I started the soup by roasting a half bag of carrots, a yellow squash that has been decorating our counter for god knows how long, and a sweet onion in a 350 degree oven. I tossed the melange in a generous coating of olive oil, salt and pepper, and a spoonful of sugar. The sugar caramelized the veggies while in the oven. I removed the vegetable when the edges began to brown, which was right around an hour and a half. I then added them to the vita-mix along with some chicken stock. Since I’m pretty new at this soup stuff I overestimated the amount of veggies needed and underestimated the amount of liquid needed. 10 minutes into pureeing I removed a few cups of the veggie mash and put it aside for later. I have no idea how much liquid I had to put in, but I just made sure I kept adding it until the mixture no longer stuck to a spoon but dripped off of it. I added a dash of yellow curry powder and cumin to the soup for flavor.


While the vegetable were roasting I put together the Turkey Popovers. Yes, I like to get creative with my leftovers. I used the pizza dough in my fridge from the night before and rolled them out into long triangles like a crescent roll. I then laid a base of lemon aioli (lemon juice and mayo) followed by chopped turkey, sweet onion slices, shredded mozzarella, and pepper before rolling up the popovers. I sprinkled some cheese on top and popped them in the oven when the veggies came out. 45 minutes later I had three yummy Turkey Popovers to accompany the soup. I threw some stuffing into the oven with the popovers about 15 minutes before they were done and used it to top the soup with a bit of sour cream. Yummy!


Kara Lee found an open bottle of wine in my pantry which we drank with our lunch. I discovered that three buck chuck does still taste good after being open for 2 weeks. It really is the most versatile of wines.

I’m working my way through my turkey day leftovers, and have a few more recipes I want to try with the feasts remnants. I hope everyone isn’t getting to tired of turkey and that you find a time soon to get to gather with your favorite people!


One thought on “Get to Gather: Ladies Luncheon

  1. K-
    I can’t believe it has taken me this long to view your blog. Lunch was absolutely fabulous, but even better was the experience of the day. We can add the first vita-mix adventure to our book of stories we will never publish! As for the wine, there is no such thing as a bad glass of wine shared by old friends.

    Eagerly awaiting our next foodie afternoon


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