Thanksgiving Repurposed: Part 1

I love Thanksgiving for so many reasons: turkey, family, friends, kitchen therapy, paid time off, finally being able to listen to Christmas music(in shared spaces), and last but not least, leftovers. Some people get tired of leftover, but not me. It can be the most exciting thing to have food that NEEDS used in your fridge. (Or annoying, but I try to look on the bright side of things.) And I’m not talking about eating a repeat of dinner or turkey sandwiches for days. Not that I didn’t eat those meals, but what I’m talking about is repurposing Thanksgiving.


See all that food in the picture above; it was for four people. Let’s just say I know how to plan for leftovers in advance. I was lucky enough to have leftover everything. (Except the Waldorf and lemon pudding salad… I let my mother keep those.) Last year I made a stuffing dumpling soup, a stuffing crust shepards pie, and a honey mustard turkey pizza. I recreated the pizza here, but added sage. That was just the beginning of a week of creativity in the kitchen.


On Saturday I had friends over and made Turkey Popovers with some of the pizza dough, but that left enough dough for one more project. After a lazy Sunday which included bottomless mimosas (I know, sounds great, right? It’s not. I wish I could recommend this, but the hangover I had at 6pm of the same day makes a glowing review impossible.) I found myself making pizza. It is simply called Thanksgiving Pizza.

(Photo courtesy of Sam my neighbor)

I took the remaining pizza dough from the fridge and pressed it into a rectangle. Then I took the mashed sweet potatoes my magnificent roommate Melissa Marie brought home from her Thanksgiving and generously spread it on the dough as the base. Next I sprinkled shredded mozzarella on top followed by about a cup of chopped turkey and another layer of cheese. Then the magic happened. A handful of my stuffing, a handful of Mel’s stuffing, and a large handful of green been casserole were lumped together on a cutting board and mixed by chopping it all up. The mixture was added to the pizza and followed my one more small layer of cheese. It was popped in the oven and served with the leftover soup from Saturday. I don’t mean to brag, but drunk me is an awesome innovator. (I make a bomb quesadilla at 2am) If you think this sounds weird, it wasn’t. As Amanda Rae said, “This tastes like Thanksgiving and is actually really good.” I tried it the next day to make sure it wasn’t the champagne shades I’d been wearing, and I am proud to say it was still really good.

Still to come Cream of Turkey and Mashed potato Croquettes…..


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