Get to Gather: Thanksmas

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I’m pretty sure you understand that if you read any of my Thanksgiving associated The sadness that accompanied the end of my Thanksgiving leftovers was just too much for me. So I decided to celebrate Thanksmas! I was so proud of myself thinking I made this up, but I didn’t. I suppose everything can be found on urban dictionary these days. For me, Thanksmas is that special time of year between Thanksgiving and Christmas and is meant to be spent with those special friends that aren’t family, but might very well be more fun to hang out with.

Christmas and Thanksgiving can be stressful, that is not what Thanksmas is about. I am a virgo, so I can have a hard time letting go of control sometimes. That’s why I usually make everything for my dinner parties. Everything. You can’t have a coursed meal if someone might be bringing some random crap. Okay, it’s not crap. It’s just not what I can work with when planning a nice meal. Well I decided to throw that psycho attitude out for Thanksmas and have a potluck! Each person was asked to bring a traditional holiday meal side to accompany the main courses I made. I am happy to report that no one brought any crap, just amazing food that I’ll share with you!

I cooked a ham and a turkey for the first annual holiday of Thanksmas. I repeated the mayonnaise roasted turkey but got crazy up on the ham by covering it in a Dijon mustard and brown sugar paste. The ham was so good in doing it for Christmas. Just saying. Bon appetit Easter ham is good all year round. I used basically just used the dijon and sugar paste from the bon appetit recipe, skipping the breadcrumbs and madeira for a more pretentious occasion. I also made some spaghetti squash and homemade rolls from scratch. Both were okay. Niether were home runs. That’s life.

I almost forgot, I revisited what I think is going to be a Thanksgiving, Thanksmas, Christmas, any holiday I can make up staple: the maple and brown sugar cranberry sauce. Seriously, this stuff is amazing. I skipped the maple extract this time round, and it was still just as mapley and amazing.

The lovely Kristin Diane and her fiancé Patrick brought the creamy green bean casserole. He had hoped to bring a broccoli casserole which I had never heard of, but alas Kristin did the cooking so green beans it was. And that being one of my fave holiday sides I was not disappointed in the lack of broccoli. Don’t worry Patrick, there is always next year.

Amanda Rae brought the potato dish for the evening. Scalloped potatoes with bacon. I think they would’ve been good if she hadn’t drained the excess milk(oops, that never happened) but as she did they were absolutely awesome. I am a firm believer that it is impossible to mess up potatoes with bacon. Yum.

Dan brought the dressing which a holiday meal wouldn’t be complete without, Shauna brought Brie and apple topped bread, and Ashley and Josh brought a yummy walnut and cranberry spinach salad to round out the dinner.

Leslie and Jeff both brought desserts. Leslie made her grandmothers apple pie which was cinammony deliciousness while Jeff made his famous white wine cake. I don’t know if he’s the reason it’s famous, but it is worthy if the adjective.

Faz and Meredith were generous enough to bring some libations for the holiday as was Shauna and Ashley, too.

I was so lucky to share the friendly holiday of Thanksmas with such good people. Now I’ll just have to make up another holiday which revolves around eating for after Christmas…. I’m thinking Valenfools Eve. There will be chocolate and whiskey involved. That concept might need some work.


Okay, so that home run of an Easter ham… It was supposed to have bread crumbs on it. I blame Facebook for the lack of breadcrumbs. Also I suppose there wasn’t a lack of breadcrumbs it was technically an over abundance of burnt breadcrumbs.


Merry Thanksmas!


2 thoughts on “Get to Gather: Thanksmas

  1. I love that I’ve subscribed to your blog! I never know when a wonderful food story will end up in my inbox. I’ve truly enjoyed all your stories and pics, your food celebrations are wonderful. We have some definite similarities, we love food and love sharing it with our friends. Can’t wait to see pics from valen-fools 🙂

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