Welcome Kissa Bear to my dazzleful life!


Say Hello to Kissa, the newest roomie. Kissa Bear is five years old and is such a happy addition to my life. She is the prettiest and the softest kitty I have ever met. Her adoption papers actually say, “Has a very soft and luxurious coat, like cashmere.” Seriously, she is the softest. I have been hoping and praying for a feline companion for a year or two now, and I do believe she is my Christmas miracle.


Kissa was originally saved from a shelter in NE Portland in 2009 by her previous owner. She lived in a loving world filled with cuddles and ice cream until her companion became ill and was no longer able to care for her. For awhile now Kissa has been a house guest at her companions daughter’s house, but her future was uncertain. As fate would have it one of Kissa’s relatives is a friend of my mother and heard of my desire to save a kitty and give it a happy home. So it was on the stormy Sunday night of December 16th, 2012 that Kissa became my kitty.


When Kissa was in the shelter she was called Kiwi, and once adopted was christened as Cuddles. After she was taken in by her sister Jan she began to go simply by Kitty. Over the summer I met a rambunctious kitten named Barney, but my friend Penny would call her Kitsya. Kitsya is Russian for kitty. I thought it was soooo cute, but I also thought it was pronounced Kissa. By the time I did my research and discovered my errors I had already settled on the spelling of Kissa, so there it stays. It’s my slang version of Kitsya. Because she’s that cool.


Kissa is settling in to her new home nicely but slowly. While she is still scared of any noises or movement she is out discovering the house and only spends most of her day under the couch. She spent last night coming in and out of my room and asking for some attention every few hours. I might not be able to sleep with my door closed ever again, but it is definitely worth it!



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