Last week my roommate asked me if I was still blogging.  I replied yes, and realized I hadn’t had the time to finish any of the blogs I’ve started in the last few weeks.  Over the holidays I got to go on two epic foodie adventures that are both completely unblogged about.  I promise, I will eventually share the over-indulgent amazingness that were my trips to Ox and The Woodsmans Tavern, but until then I have something to share with you.  It’s more of an admission than a share.  I am officially addicted to Pinterest.  I know, I know, I’m late to the game.  But man oh man am I finding all sorts of inspiration on that time sucking site.   Since I haven’t had the courtesy to stay up to date on my blog posts  I thought I would share some of my favorite finds from Pinterest I’ve found during my weeklong Pinning binge.  And here they are in no particular order:

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake was pinned by my friend Penny and promptly whipped up for company that evening.  Penny was one of the lucky ones who got to try it, even though she was a bit miffed that I made it before she had a chance.  Just a little miffed, because she still got to eat this yummy breakfast/dessert/snack item.

I also learned how to get candle wax out of containers.  Technically, I haven’t tried this yet.  But around my house we are really into candles.  (I MUST GET RENTERS INSURANCE) We’ve tried freezing them, which worked okay, but took up a lot of room in our already stuffed freezer.  Since I’m going to try this in the future I went out yesterday and bought the yummiest vanilla candle in a beautiful vase, so I have something to try it on.  I definitely needed another reason to buy candles…

I just got Kissa Bear, my beautiful cat.  Now I’m looking for a piece of art so I can decorate her area like this.  My room is already pretty decorated so now I’m being inspired to find new places to get creative in my house.  Kissa is going to love her nook art.

Not only have I found myself staring at my Pinterest feed for long periods of time, I’ve also discovered another reason to scour the interwebs for things like the Pasha Skeleton Watch with Panther.  It makes me feel amazing to have a reason to cruise the Cartier site for a reason other than to make myself cry, but to share with the masses pretty dazzleful items I can only dream of owning.

If you haven’t gotten an invite to join Pinterest yet, give me a holler and I’ll invite you.  Then you can follow me into the abyss of addiction….:)

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I hope you are all having a wonderful new year and getting a lot more done than I am!  Keep your eyes peeled for the belated but complete posts on my foodie adventures from the past few weeks.  Until then, have a dazzleful day!