Dish Debut: Fried Chicken and Pumpkin Waffles

This all started with a box of pumpkin pancake and waffle mix from Trader Joes. It seemed a simple and righteous idea to make breakfast for dinner. But then things got a little crazy. I couldn’t make just waffles. I had to top them with something fried and slather them with syrup. Yeah, I swear I had the best of intentions. Then there was this…


Oh yeah, I just made fried chicken ‘n waffles for the first time! If you’ve never tried chicken and waffles I’m really sorry for you. But I’d advise against it. Because for me it started a dangerous search for the best chicken and waffles. I turned my nose up the first few times I saw the sinfully delightful fare on menus. But eventually I was intrigued enough by the odd couple to give in. And now I’ve crossed another line I can never uncross. I’ve taught myself how to make them at home. What have I done?

I wrote out the most amazingly specific description of how I made the chicken.  Then it didn’t save on my wordpress app….. So…. I dredged some chicken tenders in buttermilk and eggs, then through a flour/breadcrumb/sage mixture.  I looked up a complimentary flavor for pumpking in my Flavor Bible and it had sage in bold.  It was a stellar combo people.  Then the chicken got fried.  The first description was sassy and thorough, this description is all I can offer now.  But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’ll be frying chicken again.  And you can bet I won’t cancel that draft update.

So, I used a pumpkin waffle mix from Trader Joes, so that was just a whisk and some eggs.  Though don’t believe the package, you need more than what they tell you you’ll need to make four waffles.  I love everything from Trader Joes, so obviously I really enjoyed the waffle mix.  So the moral of this adventure: Press save and there is very rarely such a thing as too much maple syrup.