Pad Thai Reflections


I remember the first time I ever had pad thai. It seems hilarious now that I think of it. I’m sitting here after an afternoon of football, a night of karaoke, and a day of drinking eating my roommates leftovers from… A week ago? Well, that isn’t the important part so let’s move on.
The first time I ate pad thai was in San Diego with my sister over 7 years ago. I know it was over 7 years ago because I was under 21 and still disliked foreign food. Actually, I disliked spicy things, vegetables, unpronounceable and unknown varieties of food. Pad thai was something I could not appreciate or understand. I was with my sister and we sat on pillows on the floor.  I got one star noodles and was not impressed.
Why am I sharing this unfoodie adventure with you? It’s a reminder that we aren’t always ready for the adventures that are placed in front of us. Tastes are acquired, our eyes are opened, and we can truly learn to enjoy the things that we once thought were strange and unusual.  Find your pad thai. Then wait for the day that it doesn’t matter how long it’s been in the fridge, because it’s worth it.


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